Podcast 1 – An introduction to Exemplar Health and why the Exemplar Network is uniquely equipped to assist the independent pharmacist.

Podcast 2 – Help us help you help your customer. Digging deeper into our PDP offering for 2021.

Podcast 3 – Find out how the independent pharmacy gets paid through Exemplar Health.

Podcast 4 –¬†Amanda Fleming from Exemplar Healthcare Partnership Organization and Kirby Taylor from Exemplar Physicians Clinical Management Services explain more about billing for CMS approved clinical services by on the Exemplar Health Insurance Plans.

Podcast 5 – An introduction to Exemplar Health Benefits Administrator – the engine that drives Exemplar Health.

Podcast 6 – An introduction to Exemplar Insurance Associates – the marketing force behind Exemplar Health and Exemplar Commercial Insurance.

Podcast 7 – A quick word from our Marketing Manager about some marketing materials at your disposal.