Press Release
September 16, 2020

CMS approves contract for Exemplar Health (PDP) –
A tremendous win for the independent pharmacy!

Commercial Medical Health & Drug plans and a Medicare Pharmacy Drug Plan (PDP) with the Independent Pharmacy in mind.

High Point, NC— September 16,2020

— The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has approved all 2021 contracting documents and post-application requirements for Exemplar Health. This final approval authorizes the Exemplar Health PDP to serve beneficiaries in North Carolina and Texas, allowing Medicare beneficiaries to continue utilizing their independent pharmacy of choice without having to pay higher co-pays to other competing PDP plans.
With one of the largest networks of independent pharmacies, Exemplar Health Medicare beneficiaries will see a higher level of individualized care from a pharmacist that they are already familiar with. A pharmacist is an integral part of the over-all health and wellness of the beneficiary, providing vital pharmaceutical information as well as direct patient contact and other wellness checks.

An opportunity for the Independent Pharmacy.

“By joining the Exemplar Network, and having access to the Exemplar Health PDP and commercial insurance, the independent pharmacy can now begin to take back control of healthcare from the large corporate chains who have monopolized healthcare through poor reimbursements accompanied with DIR fees to independents,” said Russell Patterson, Owner of Exemplar Health and independent pharmacy owner.

The Exemplar Health PDP was constructed to even the playing field where larger corporate insurance plans were offering poor net reimbursements through a system of “clawback” DIR fees, which have become the standard in the industry. Without charging the DIR fees to Exemplar Network pharmacy members, Exemplar Health offers a fair reimbursement to the pharmacy while still maintaining the strict actuarial equivalency that CMS mandates.
Independent pharmacies can join the Exemplar network by contacting or visiting the website at

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