See if Exemplar Health is an Option for Your Medicare Patients through PrescribeWellness!
Exemplar Health and PrescribeWellness are committed to providing community pharmacists with the most effective and beneficial Medicare plan coverage and solutions.
Contact PrescribeWellness at for information on how you can leverage the PrescribeWellness legacy Medicare plan review solution to identify opportunities for patient coverage through Exemplar Health.

About Tabula Rasa HealthCare and PrescribeWellness
For more than ten years, as an industry leader in patient relationship innovation, PrescribeWellness has continued a mission of inspiring collaboration for better health through its support of over 11,000 independent pharmacies. The impact of the PrescribeWellness solution is primarily delivered through modular software solutions, though PrescribeWellness also provides comprehensive services to support, empower, and advance the role of the community pharmacist within the healthcare profession.
Founded by pharmacists, and committed to advancements in medication safety, the Tabula Rasa HealthCare (TRHC) family welcomed PrescribeWellness into its suite of technology solutions in March of 2019. Our partnership has introduced tremendous opportunities to better serve our partners through the delivery of patient-centric services.
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