Exemplar connects healthcare service providers with thousands of new leads nationwide. When you partner with Exemplar, you gain access to our nationwide network of thousands of independent pharmacists and primary care physicians in need of your services.

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Exemplar's Partners are the definition of exemplary. We select service providers that deliver fast, high quality, and professional solutions to our expansive network of independent pharmacists and physicians. When you partner with us, you gain access to new markets, new clients, and new technologies, not to mention the trust from potential clients when they see your business associated with Exemplar - the largest independent healthcare network in the nation. We are shifting the paradigm of the healthcare industry, taking the power from national chains and reassigning it to you, the independents.

We have the network Let us Connect You.

  • Expansive

    Gain access to thousands of quality leads across the nation, enabling you to enter new markets and drastically grown your customer base.

  • Trusted

    Exemplar's reach and reputation has earned us the credibility in the independent healthcare industry that we connect and empower our members.

  • Independent

    When you do business through the Exemplar Network, you are supporting other independents rather than the national chains.

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Exemplar is a Healthcare Partnership Organization connecting pharmacists and physicians with healthcare services.

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