We believe Together Everyone Achieves More.

By joining Exemplar, you will become a strategic partner in the largest collective of independent primary care physicians and pharmacies focused on bringing more lives and better reimbursement to the network.

  • Connect with other independents
  • Expand reach as a preferred provider
  • Preferred pricing and referrals
  • Innovative technology
  • Access to high-quality service offerings
  • Competitive advantage to major retailers
  • Experts to review the Medicare population

Becoming a Member is Easy

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    Sign up your pharmacy or primary care clinic to be a part of the Exemplar network.
  • Connect

    Engage with independent service providers that help you save money.
  • Grow

    As a preferred provider, your network and access to patients grows instantly.
  • Membership Has Benefits

    MedAdvantage. Over 50% of independent pharmacy and physician customers rely on Medicare and Medicaid. Exemplar will increase profits by addressing the Medicare needs and insurance plans for those customers because a majority of their current options comeat a high cost with limited access to your services and products. Additionally, those plans don’t reimburse equally, which dramatically impacts your bottom line. Exemplar has the ability to connect you with highly-trained, certified independent insurance agents with the expertise to leverage a variety of Medicare plans. Customers will not only save money – they will have greater access to services.

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